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Wtf is wrong with me...

2011-08-30 07:22:15 by KageTheLog

Made a cartoon. Cute, eh?

Good. Now go watch my new cartoon: Dropping Misunderstanding!

New cartoon - Mafia Posers.

2011-03-13 15:52:51 by KageTheLog

Hey! My new cartoon - Mafia Posers is done and out here on newgrounds!
So go watch it!

Mafia Posers

I actually enjoyed working on this one. And there will be more Mafia Posers! Yes, this is going to be a series and I have a story for 3 more episodes. But I could easily make a lot more than 3, because with this I can create any silly, crazy story I want. We'll see. But now - go watch it!

My new flash movie- Eggspionage Action!

2010-12-26 14:37:54 by KageTheLog

I just posted my new flash movie - Eggspionage Action! So go check it out!
It took way more time than it should have have but I finally made it. But now I can focus on making new cartoons for 2011.

Happy Holidays everyone! Bye!

My new flash movie- Eggspionage Action!

My Halloween 2010 flash!

2010-10-27 14:52:07 by KageTheLog

Halloween is approaching really fast. So even though there isn't much time, I decided to make a short little flash movie for Halloween 2010. It's called 'Halloween Rhinoplasty' Go chect it out here . OK now I gotta continue working on a bigger flash movie that I'm making. Hopefully, it will be done soon!

OK tnx bai.

This kid will haunt you...

My Halloween 2010 flash!